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My soul glorifies the Lord for He has done great things for me”

                               At the very outset let me commence with these sentiments “what I am, is God’s gift to me and what I become is my gift to God” (St. Augustine)

casiIt is a day of gladness and joy for all of us - especially for the eleven of us celebrating our Diamond Jubilee and our dear Sr. Casimir who celebrates the Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession.

As we look back on this day, to the paths that we have walked since our First Commitment, we find God’s loving footprints along with that of our own. We know the paths we walked were uncertain and that the end wasn’t sure but, we were sure that the Lord was with us in the most loving form of each one of you. The presence of many of our Sisters, dear ones, friends and well wishers adds colour and joy to the celebration.

We celebrate our vocation, our call and life of service; above all we celebrate God’s faithfulness and mercy which has been the anchor of our religious life. God did not see our ability but our availability to fulfill a role for His Kingdom. Our deep faith has enabled us to live our “yes” in a variety of roles which we fulfilled with dedication and responsibility.

We express our unending gratitude to the Lord Almighty especially for the unique call to work in His vineyard. Numberless are the gifts that He has showered upon us all throughout the past 50/60 years.

Diamond Jubilee                                                                             Golden Jubilee

Sr. Marie Claire           Sr. Philipa         Sr. Xavier                        Sr. Casimir

Sr. Celine                     Sr. Basil             Sr.St. Roch

Sr. Rose Mary             Sr. Gerard         Sr. Amelia

Sr. Raphael                 Sr. Priscilla        

Apostolic Exposure – Pre- Novices


We the Pre-Novices of Visakhapatnam Province along with Sr. Bhagya Mary went to Yesupuram Parish on 14th October for the Village Exposure for ten days. We are grateful to Rev. Sr. Vianney and her team for giving us this opportunity. The Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Prem Kumar and the people of the village gave us a warm welcome. There are 45 old Catholic families in this small Parish. They were very kind and provided everything that we needed. In spite of their nothingness they gave us “the best”. This experience made us believe in the providence God and in turn to give our best to the Lord.

During the daywe visited the families. We divided ourselves into small groups in order to make our work effective and faster. As it was October, the month dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, we conducted Rosary and special Prayer services every evening. It was very edifying to see how the people joined us in these services with enthusiasms and fervour.

Morning hours were spent in teaching Catechism classes to the children and the adults. We were told that many marriages had not taken place in the Church, so we earnestly went about taking the survey of those families concerned and spent most of the time instructing them regarding the Sacrament of Marriage. On October 23rd, around 10 couples received the Sacrament of Marriage and many children received Jesus for the first time in their hearts. It was truly a day of gladness and joy at Yesupuram.

Sr. Bhagya Mary and Pre-Novices