Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Editorial: Autumn 2016

Dear Sisters,

I send you greetings once again from Annecy. During the year we have had much to celebrate– first and final profession ceremonies, jubilees, the opening of new communities and missions and much more. There have been opportunities for Sisters to visit various parts of our Congregation and to experience different cultures. In the Generalate we have been pleased to welcome Sisters Anna and Anila who have stayed with us while attending college and learning French, and also Sisters from India, Senegal and the English Province who have attended courses in Le Puy, as well as visiting local communities in Annecy.

In the northern hemisphere we are experiencing the signs of autumn when the daylight hours become shorter and colder. At the moment the trees are wearing their beautiful red and gold leaves which will soon become brown and fall to the ground -leaving their branches bare. However, we know that in the cold months of winter they are regenerating and when spring comes again there will be an abundance of new life. I am reminded of the famous quotation from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3: “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven....”

The Sisters in the Mother House have now moved to their new community in Sacre Coeur and the task of emptying the convent, which has been “home” for the Congregation since 1835, is nearly completed. Their generosity and courage in the way they have accepted the reality of the present times, have been truly inspirational and I would like to express my gratitude to Sr. Marie Ducrot and the Sisters of the Province of France for their unstinting cooperation. I know that I can assure them that every Sister in the Congregation offers them their prayers and support as they look forward to a “new chapter in their Province story.”

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In the month of November we remember especially all those who have gone before us and we ask too for their intercession. Let us pray for one another and remember that “All is One.”

With my love and prayers