Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Sr Raymonde’s Message of Gratitude.

What a day to celebrate my Jubilee, the day when sister Donisia makes her perpetual vows!

Her final profession sits well with the continuity of the faithfulness of God who works wonders in us every day. God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to reveal to us the immensity of his love, his kindness, his tenderness, his infinite mercy and to tell us that he is our father. Jesus Christ came to take our human condition to save us from sin and enable us to become, with him, sons and daughters of God, through his death and resurrection. What a great reason to give thanks and praise to God our father in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for such a gift!

My gratitude also goes to my parents, who gave me life and helped me to grow up with my brothers and sisters, humanly and in the path of faith to which parish life contributed so much. This way of life enabled me to respond with joy to the different calls of God to follow the path he chose for me.

I thank my religious family who recognized and believed in my vocation, even for the call to serve on mission. My sisters accepted me, despite all my limitations, and challenged me every day, to go beyond my weaknesses and through their acceptance to communicate this overflowing love and joy that God gives me, in Jesus Christ, with to walk with Mary taking me by the hand every day.

Now I want to thank my sisters in the Senegambian Region who have helped me along the path of service, in the simplicity of our daily lives with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Along the way of life, we live the joy of pardon given or received to build together our lives in community.

Thank you also to you all the lay people, with whom we have worked together for the proclamation of the Good News. Praise be to God! Together we thank the Lord for all we have shared, our joys, gestures, words and actions which enabled us to enlighten and support one another other each day.   ray

Thank you to all those who could not be with us, but are united with us in thanksgiving as well as those who participated in the preparation of our celebration. May our Lord Jesus Christ, continue to draw us all to go further on the path of love, a path that calls us to empty ourselves of selfishness and so available for service, according to the needs of our dear neighbour. This path goes through the cross, but is still a way of Thanksgiving, Joy and Peace because God walks with us in Jesus Christ... Let us always rely on Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, to lead us ever closer to God who is love.