Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

"Called to love, sent to serve: Final Profession Batch of 2023"
Hearts ignited, hands outstretched: Four sisters take their final vows

On November 6th, bathed in the light of divine grace, Sisters Swapna, Dhanya, Hemalatha, and Mary Sandhya embarked on a life surrendered to love, guided by the beacon of service. Drawn by an echoing call to "love and serve," they answered with unwavering hearts, dedicating themselves to carrying Christ's light into the world. Rewrite in third person:
They have wholeheartedly embraced the theme "called to love, sent to serve" as their guiding principle in life, understanding that they are chosen by a higher power not in spite of their imperfections, but because of them, to continue a divine mission. The presence of the esteemed Superior General Rev. Sr. Breda Gainey, general counsellors, Provincial Superior Rev. Sr. Rose, and their team filled our hearts with joy and contentment during the celebration. The anticipation and excitement for this special occasion began a week prior, with the heavenly decoration of the church by the sisters in the Waltair community and the meticulous preparation and adornment of the dining room. Their parents and relatives received a warm and welcoming embrace as they arrived to partake in the profession.
The celebration commenced with a Sacred Eucharist, presided over by the Reverend Dr. Mallavarapu Prakash, the Archbishop of Visakhapatnam, and accompanied by priests from various parishes. The Holy Mass began with heartfelt singing and dancing during the entrance rite, with the choir led by Sr. Bala Joicy and her team. Alongside their parents, they symbolically offered themselves to God with lamps in hand, in the esteemed presence of their Superior General Rev. Sr. Breda Gainey, Provincial Superior Rev. Sr. Rose, their juniorate mistress Rev. Sr. Amala, and the attending priests. Finally, Archbishop Mallavarapu Prakash led them to the altar, where they placed the lamps beneath the kuuthu vilak, which was then ignited as a representation of Christ, the light of the world.

Rev. Sr. Swarna Jose, the provincial councilor, graciously introduced them to the assembly, while the welcoming addresses were delivered by Sr. Swapna in Telugu, Sr. Dhanya in Malayalam, and Sr. Hemalatha in English. The archbishop led the Eucharistic celebration and offered heartfelt guidance on the vows for their lives: to live faithfully, to be committed and joyful in their religious calling, to dedicate themselves to complete service to God, and to nurture strength in their vocation.
They rejoiced as their vows were received by their Superior General Rev. Sr. Breda Gainey, and each of them was presented with a religious symbol by Archbishop Mallavarapu Prakash, signifying their commitment as spouses of Christ. During the singing of the Litany of the Saints, as others interceded for them along with the saints in Heaven, they humbly knelt, seeking heavenly blessings. Following the Holy Communion, expressions of gratitude were shared by Sr. Swapna and Sr. Hemlata. The Eucharistic celebration concluded with the singing of the Magnificat, praising and thanking God for His wondrous works in their lives. This joyful moment was captured in a photograph with Archbishop Mallavarapu Prakash, their Superior General, Provincial Superior, and their teams, alongside all the priests. Subsequently, they proceeded to the church portico to partake in a celebratory cake cutting, symbolizing the joy of the occasion, before moving to a grand agape feast arranged by their sisters in the Waltair community. This feast was a sharing of joy with all who participated in their celebration: priests, nuns, parents, relatives, and well-wishers.
Our hearts overflow with gratitude towards God for choosing us and making us His true spouses through our vocation. Additionally, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our parents, Superior General, Provincial Superior, their teams, as well as all our relatives, friends, and each and every individual who contributed to making this day a truly memorable and blissful occasion for us.

 On the day of their perpetual profession, they were blessed to profoundly feel His unending love for them. Their hearts overflow with gratitude towards their provincials Sr. Vianny, Sr. Rose, all their formatters, and sisters who have nurtured their growth in religious life and guided them to recognize the love of Christ in their lives. Today, as they commit themselves fully to becoming His own through the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, they carry within them a deep sense of pride and joy, as they eagerly embrace the opportunity to share His love with others.
This was not just a ceremony; it was a testament to the transformative power of faith. On this day, their lives became vessels of love, their hands instruments of service, forever guided by the light that led them to answer the call.