Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

New Venture in East Africa

On 20th March 2023, we the novices 1st and 2nd years, of East African Mission territory, attended a seminar on "Self -Awareness Training Skill" for five days. It was a gathering of novices from thirteen religious congregations of both men and women, and we were 104 in total. This particular seminar took in Arusha Region at Canosa Spirituality center. Our facilitator was Mr.Emmanuel Bujulu who works in mental health center department at regional hospital. He is a psychologist as well as a psychiatrist.

The objectives of this seminar was learning about oneself and related environment., to know and to understand others, to understand our reactions and behaviors and the reasons why we behave so, to know the consequences of our actions and reactions. Also to know how we can deal with emotions and feelings so as to be able identity and manage some common psychological problems such as anger, depression, anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and grief.

Since self-awareness is the first step of knowing oneself, Johari Window was taught to us in which four parts are contained (free open public, private hidden. Blind and dark parts). The seminar helped us in different ways such as knowing oneself and others, building self- confidence and self-esteem, to know our weaknesses and overcome them, to have a broad mind, to create positive attitude and avoid unnecessary conflicts, to adjust with the situations, to have inner transformation so and so on.

Apart from the sessions, the get together has enabled us to appreciate different cultures of others, to share different experiences, to attain confidence to speak in public. At same time it also helped us to overcome unhealthy fears and shyness. It was also a time to cherish the richness of

Charism of each congregation.

We are very grateful to Sr. Breda and her team and to our Mission leader Sr.Marietta for providing us this opportunity to attend this seminar. We have gained much and we are ready to share what we learned. We also enjoyed these few beautiful days in the company of others. We are indeed grateful to God and to every one of you for this great opportunity. We also ask your valuable prayers and we assure you of our prayers.

Love and prayers, Novices of East Africa.