Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

World day of Sick

The hospital community of Dumila celebrated ‘the world day of sick’ on February 11th. All the sisters, staff and patients gathered together with lighted candle for the prayers. Fr. Kenneth Mania MSFS, the assistant parish priest was the main celebrant. He spoke about the world day of sick and gave a valuable message to the staff and patients. He quoted Pope Francis, "Grant healing and hope to the sick, the wounded and dying in their darkest hours so they may witness the power of your healing presence in the world”. He also blessed all the staff and the sick, going to their bed side. The sisters and staff also went in procession to speak to the patients and prayed over them. They were really happy, filled with joy, hope and encouragement. The celebration ended with distributing bread and drinks to all present. It was a joyful day in the life of the Hospital community of Dumila. May God continue to bless our hospital and the mission.

  Sr. Mary Ratnam, Dumila, Tanzania.