Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

I am Sr. Tessy Thekkedath.  I did my Nursing/Midwifery training at St. Philomena’s School of Nursing, Bangalore, India from 1991- 1994.  I worked as a nurse in our hospitals at Visakhapatnam, Bobbili, took care of our elderly Sisters and later as a missionary in Africa.

I firmly believe that nursing is not a profession but a vocation!  It is a vocation to be like Jesus; loving, compassionate, kind and gentle. I loved each and every role of my nursing career.  Each had its risks, beauty, challenges and above all heartfelt satisfaction.

My nursing life as a missionary in Africa remains deeply rooted in me.  It was my dream to go to Africa and take care of the sick.  The dream come true, thank God, when I finally found myself in Senegal, West Africa.  We ran a small dispensary and made routine medical visits to about 25 villages.  This included consultation and treatment, prenatal care, children’s vaccination, nutritional care, Mother and Child health programmes, formation of healthcare workers, starting and following up primary healthcare centres etc.

Although it was hard to travel to the villages due to long distances on unpaved roads, deep down I experienced joy and over time I felt connected with the people and welcomed. At the dispensary and villages there were no doctors to depend upon yet diagnosis, treatment and follow-up had to be done.   It was a really challenging adventure but I always felt God’s guidance and protection. I enjoyed my nursing career, I gave myself fully to it, and I am proud to be a nurse.