Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

I am Sr. Michaëlla Angélique Pereira De Carvalho and I am Senegalese, living in the Catholic Mission in Kedougou.  I am a qualified State Nurse and came out of the nursing training school, called the Institut Santé Service de Dakar (Dakar Health Service Institute) in 2008.

At present I am responsible for the Dispensary of the Catholic Mission in Kedougou.  This Dispensary covers 18 villages, where, with my team, we visit every month to vaccinate the children, see the women who are pregnant for their prenatal checkups, weigh the children, give health education talks on different themes according to the needs of each group, and look after the children who are suffering from malnutrition.

We also look after the children in the mission boarding school.

I really like going to the villages, meeting people in their own environments, getting to know the reality of their lives, and so being able to help and care for them better.