Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

The Nianing Inter-Novitiate

Family visits to Casamance

and our retreat in Sindone- Ziguinchor


On March 28, 2019 at 5am, we took the road to Casamance for our final, ten-day, retreat. We arrived in the community of Lyndianeat 12.30 where we were warmly welcomed. In the evening we belatedly shared the joy of St. Joseph's Day with the community in song and dance. The next day we went to EDIOUGOU to visit our mother (Sister Anselma's mother). It was a super visit.

Elisabeth had so much wanted to know our mother from Ediougou and I thought it was right and good. We were very well received and the novices are simple and friendly. After the warm welcome, we found mats and sat down in all simplicity in the shade of the trees in the courtyard. Oh, it was good! The mother was looking for something to give us to drink: bounouc, water... On hearing the laughter, the mother’s friends came to join in thegreat joy.

Boubacar, an 18-year-old young man, calmly cooked for us. We ate well with their friends and neighbours. It really touched us. Without fuss, he had prepared a very good meal. (Since that day, when I see the novices agitatedly working in the kitchen, I tell them: cook like Boubacar (simply and calmly). Really he taught us something wonderful.



















In the evening, we left Elisabeth at EDIOUGOU.

She had asked to spend the night there and the next day,she joined us in Lyndiane.nian2

Congratulations to her for her initiative.










On the same day, we went to MLOMP to greet the mother of Clarisse, one of thenovices. There was also joy in this family and the children of his neighbourhood came to greet us.

Novices with their mom Therese Sambou, Clarice'smother.

Love thrives in the novitiate.

nian3     nian4





After going to the Community of MLOMP to greet Sister Juliette, we returned to LYNDIANE at 8pm.

The next day we went to visit the family of Sister Michaëla Carvalho which was very nice too.

For the occasion Marie, one of the novices, made a tablecloth in pearls which we gave to the family.






Thus we visited a family from Lyon (Anselma), a family from the Institute (mother of a novice), and a family from Annecy (Sr Michaëla).

After our visits, we happily went to SINDONE for our last 10-day retreat (March 30 to April 10). The joy of the visits helped prepare us for this time of discernment. 




Marie Ange:                                                       Marie                                       

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Elisabeth                                                           Innocente                                            Raissa                                                             Clarisse





We came out of this retreat with a great desire to put our feet in the footsteps of Jesus. Holy Week helped us to welcome, peacefully, the graces received and to letthem seep into us.  

With the grace of God, we try to walk in the wake of the risen Christ. We want to testify to him as the victor over death. 


nian12Noviciate,Nianing, March 2019