Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Sister Pauline’s Feast Day



June 29th : Feast of Saints Peter and Paul….. Sister Pauline’s feast Day. The Sisters of the Province gathered for Holy Mass which was celebrated by Father Emmanuel Blanc, at 3pm. Sister Marie Ducrot introduced the celebration:

Welcome, Father Emmanuel,

Welcome, all my dear Sisters

Once again, we have the joy of gathering as a Province to give thanks.

To give thanks to the Lord for the gift of Sister Pauline whose feast it is today.

Sister Pauline, your peaceful presence, your mission lived out in faith, accompanies us and supports us in our common journey together.

In union with all the Sisters of the Congregation, we pray for you and with you. May the Spirit of unity strengthen you and enlighten you on your way. Dear Sister Pauline, we offer you our deep and affectionate thanks.

From our hearts we say, Happy Feast. We pray also for our Sisters in the different Provinces whose feast it is.

After Mass, as is the custom, we gathered in the refectory around well-spread tables, in a spirit of joy. A surprise awaited us: we were enchanted by an Indian dance performed by Sisters Anna and Anila, who had recently arrived, Srs Margaret, Amala and Marietta.

Thank you to our Mother House and to all those who contributed to making this meeting a moment of joy and fraternity.