Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Feast of the Assumption


augEach year since 1903, 113 years, this feast has been marked, in the Mother House, by the Consecration of the Congregation to the Blessed Virgin. Today was the last time we celebrated it in the Mother House, together with a celebration for Sister Marie Ducrot.

We gathered in the Chapel, at 3 o’clock, for a Marian prayer of thanksgiving, tinged with a hint of nostalgia. Community and personal prayer was helped by reflection on Mary’s visit to her cousin Elisabeth.


                                            The Visitation: a feast celebrated by our Congregation Each Sister present was invited to place a small, lighted candle at the foot of the altar, as a ‘thank you’ to one Sister or another who had helped her on her personal journey and who had faithfully loved God and the “dear neighbour”.


The Visitation: an experience of meeting

With Mary, we gave thanks for all those who lighted our way as we journeyed along.


The Magnificat: celebration of the marvels God works in each one.

With Mary, who was filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit, we prayed that joy would spring from our meeting with others.


The Assumption: towards our tomorrows:

After Mary’s example, we have a mission to fulfil: the spreading of love around us. “The first to go before us”, Mary accepted our “yes” at her Assumption.

The following prayer, beautiful in its simplicity, which we recited together, was followed by our consecration to the Virgin Mary.

O most holy Virgin, in honour of your glorious Assumption,


I offer and consecrate to you for ever,

my soul, my body, my thoughts, words and actions, my life, my death, and all my interests,

humbly asking you to use them, as you see fit, for the greatest glory of God alone,

For your honour and for my salvation.


After Jesus, my Saviour,

It is you in whom I have placed all my confidence and all my love,

My good and kind advocate.

I recommend to your kindness, our Holy Mother the Church,

Our Congregation, our novitiates, this house.