Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

A Golden Jubilee Celebration: 50 Years of Blessings and Gratitude

The Golden Jubilee embodies a majestic celebration of 50 years of blessings bestowed upon an individual's life. On the 29th of January, 2024, the sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy Visakhapatnam Province gathered to honour and celebrate the remarkable milestone of our beloved Sr. Mary Thomas, as she reminisced about the wondrous ways in which the Lord has guided her.

The jubilee festivities commenced with a prayer dance, inviting the presence of God, as priests and religious sisters processed into the church. As they entered, the Vicar General of Visakhapatnam Diocese, Rev. Fr. Bala Showri, the Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Parish, Waltair, Rev. Fr. Jose Chirayattu, Sr. Mary Thomas, along with Rev. Fr. Jomon, her nephew from the Adhilabad diocese and Sr. Rose, the Provincial Superior of Visakhapatnam Province, lit the lamp, welcoming the light of Christ into our midst.

An in-depth introduction to the life and calling of Sr. Mary Thomas, and a warm welcome to the Eucharistic celebration, was led by Sr. Hema. The grand Eucharistic celebration was then presided over by Rev. Fr. Bala Showri, along with 30 priests in attendance. The Word of God was shared, and an inspirational homily was delivered, emphasizing that the vocation is a divine gift, aptly celebrated on the 50th year, in reflection of the jubilarian's journey with Jesus Christ, her eternal spouse.

Numerous sisters from different congregations graced the jubilee celebrations, joining in the beauty of the Holy Eucharistic celebration to praise and give thanks to God alongside the jubilarian. Sr. Mary Thomas, in a symphony of gratitude, expressed her thanks to God and everyone for their contributions in her life.
Following the mass, Sr. Mary Thomas was honoured in the church by the priests and religious sisters who had travelled from near and far. The congregation extended their congratulations to the jubilarian, expressing gratitude to God for her life and vocation, a true embodiment of the greatest love.

The Golden Jubilee celebration of Sr. Mary Thomas was a testament to faith, perseverance, and divine guidance over the past 50 years. As the gathering expressed gratitude and shared in the jubilation, it served as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of a life dedicated to serving God and others. The event captured the essence of love, vocation, and unwavering devotion, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.