Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy


On 16th December, St. Joseph’s high school (Odia medium) Jokalandi, Bharatpur, Bhubaneswar held a Science & Arts exhibition in the school campus. The Science & Arts exhibition was organized to explore the Arts & Scientific Mindset of the students. The chief guest was Prof. Surendranath Pasupalak, former vice chancellor of OUAT. The exhibition, which commenced at 8:00 a.m., was open to all parents and students of other schools.

The exhibition witnessed great enthusiasm and blooming participation from children of diverse classes, who had the unique opportunity of exploring as well as expressing their creative scientific and artistic ideas in the form of different activities, models and projects. The event gave a diverse hands-on experience to children, wherein they could translate the theoretical scientific principles into the mode of application in the form of observable phenomena. This event led the children from the realms of theory into the arena of practicum.

The students displayed their creative scientific potential & artistic mindsets in diverse arenas revolving around the themes of contemporary significance, namely, Agriculture and food security, Sources of energy and their conservation, Transport and communication, Disaster Management, Health, Robotics and engineering sciences. Students were at their innovative best as they designed their own automobile, motorboats, metal detectors, echo rangers, rural air conditioners, earthquake impact detectors to unique designs for tapping alternative sources of energy and new ways to conserve the conventional ones. The event in itself ignited the scientific curiosity in children and gave them a platform to give concrete dimensions to their ideas, from the zone of imagination to realism.

The exhibition didn’t only kindle the scientific and artistic lamp of inquisitiveness in children but it also further ignited the flame due to children’s exposure to a wide variety of scientific and creative concepts, principles and their application. The event not only fostered a reflective journey in children on the path of Art & scientific discovery but further enhanced the significance and utility of collaborative learning emerging from such activities.

On the whole, the Science & Art exhibition was a great learning experience for both the students and teachers alike wherein it seemed that the world of science practically came alive, through the blooming projects of our young student innovators.

                                                              THANK YOU

                                                                                                                                     Sr. Latha, SJA