Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Institutional day celebration

We have renowned the 15th institutional day on 16.08.2023. We have invited chief guest for the day Sr. Leena, the President and the Provincial superior, Mr. Manoj Mahapatra, the Regional manager of the Federal Bank, Mr. Ritu Raj, the branch manager of Federal bank BBSR, Sr. Pauline the manager, Sr. Prasanna the bursar, Sr. Remya Thomas, the Director of Community college along with all the staff and students.

Today we had the threesome event of Institutional day, International youth day and Inauguration of three batches of students for Business management with accounting, Hotel management with accounting and tally and Tailoring with Industrial machine operation.

We began the remarkable triangular event with the lighting of the lamp by chief guest and then we had the welcome note and welcome dance followed by many other cultural programmes by the students marking the day as a special in the history of the community college.

Then Sr. Remya Thomas addressed the gathering about the 15 years of journey of community college and its achievements. Our achievements are not just about numbers, they are about the lives we’ve touched, the difference we’ve made and the legacy we are building for future generations. The projects we’ve completed, the challenges we’ve tackled and the solutions we’ve created are all testament to the power of human determination and the limitless possibilities that lie within us. Of course no journey is without its share of setbacks and difficulties. But it’s in those moments of adversity that we’ve truly showcased our strength, we’ve learned our mistakes, adapted to challenging circumstances and emerged stronger and more resilient each time. These experiences have shaped not just this college but the character of every individual who is a part of it.

As we stand at this juncture, on the tips of the next chapter of our journey, we embrace innovation and change with the same enthusiasm that has brought us here today. We continue to nurture the spirit of collaboration and team work that has been the corner stone of our success and most importantly, we remain committed to the ideals that have guided us this far – ideals of integrity, compassion and a shared vision for a brighter future. Fifteen years have passed, but our journey is far from over. We have trained more than 4500 students in different trades and have provided jobs. Students are working in many different fields across India. As we move forward, let us seize every opportunity, overcome every challenge and continue to make a positive impact on the world around us. Our legacy is not just the time we’ve spent but the mark we’ve left on the world and the lives we’ve touched.

At this movement of gratitude we fondly remember and express our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who has been a part of this incredible journey.