Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

I am Sr. Sandhya and I was trained in Fr. Muller Charitable Institution, Mangalore India as a GNM.  I am working as a midwife.  I most enjoy receiving a newborn baby and welcome it into the world as a gift of God.  It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to support a mother to give birth. 

As a nurse I feel I am “chosen” to serve the needy.  The very thought that I have been “chosen” for this delights me.  At times I may work under stress but the wellbeing of every patient is my joy.  I am happy to be called to be a nurse and a midwife. It’s a great feeling.  At the moment I work in a hospital which is situated in a growing and developing town surrounded by villages.  It challenges me to unlearn and relearn whatever I have been taught and learn how to work with remote areas.  This is not always easy but I love my profession and I choose to be of service with whatever is available.

As the International Council of Nurses has set the theme for this year “Nursing the World to Health” I wish all nurses a Happy Nurses Day.