Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy


November 4th, 2019 will remain a milestone in our history as Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy. A new future has opened up for our Mother House.

On November 3, 1835, the second monastery of the Visitation built, by St. Jeanne de Chantal in 1634, became our Mother House.  It is our place of foundation dear to all our Sisters, present today in 11 countries. Our convent has been part of the history of the city and the local Church of Annecy. From the beginning and throughout the years, the Sisters have been attentive to the needs of their time: teaching, caring for the sick, serving the poor, first in Annecy, then in the department and soon abroad.

Heirs to the Visitation Monastery, we have constantly expanded it and evolved it according to the needs of the moment, while respecting its character desired by St. Jeanne de Chantal. It is precisely in these times of diminishment plus the ageing of our sisters and a lack of vocations, that we have been forced to accept our reality and give up our Mother House so that it can be transformed into apartments.   Some of these apartments will be designated for social housing." (See Film on the Mother House - 2016)

Throughout the past six years, we have had a harmonious working relationship with our ADIM partners and advisors.  They have all listened to our concerns and have been sensitive to our needs. To our delight they have also progressed in the knowledge of our charism!

Our reflection on the future of the mother house was carried out in close collaboration with the Mayor and his various offices to whom we express our gratitude for their kind listening and support throughout the process of the rehabilitation of the cloister.

At the end of these long years of emotional loss, prayer, research and reflection, we are now pleased to have opened a new future for our Mother House home, with a future firmly rooted in our rich heritage.

In the centre of the cloister, the well remains the symbol of life that was passed on to us by our founders. May they continue to remind those who have chosen this residence as their home that if be one of a climate of peace, silence and serenity that has marked our lives for so many years.