Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

Retreat in Thônes        1st to 6th April 2019


Since 2016, a retreat has been given every year in the Community of Thônes. This year, it was led by Father Jean-Claude Sancey.

Theme: The Voice of Christ in the Psalms


Introduction to St Augustine: The voice of Christ can be heard in all psalms, whether singing or moaning, rejoicing in hope orret0 sighing at the present situation.


A Retreat is a special moment in the meeting of God's desire for me and my own desire.

Ps 62 (63): "God, you my God, I seek you, my soul is thirsty for you... »

My thirst for God.

Jesus is thirsty to meet us and his Father.

Three key moments in which Christ's thirst to meet us is expressed:

at the crib, on the cross and in the Eucharist.

Ps 39 (40): "I hoped in Yahweh, with great hope, He leaned towards me... »

The Coming of Christ



This psalm describes the inner dispositions of Christ entering the world.

He is in a prayer dialogue with his Father. "Here I am to do your will."

The human answer.

-          Being a humble star that leads to Christ

-          In the Samaritan, see an encounter that turned her into a missionary disciple.

God does not impose himself.   "Here I stand at the door... "Ap. 3.20

Ps 118 (119): "Ah, how happy those of blameless life who walk in the Law ofYahweh.... »

Jesus Christ, Wisdom of God.

The Torah is not seen as a set of permissions and prohibitions, but as an expression of God's will.

Ps 18 (19): "The heavens tell the glory of God... »

The law becomes a person to follow.Jesus fulfils the law by simplifying, unifying and personalizing.

Ps 2: "Why this uproar among the nations? Why this vain muttering of the peoples?... »

Royal Psalm.The first Christian Community reread, in this psalm, the whole mystery of Christ.   She is interested in three passages:ret2

ü  The Conspiracy of Nations

ü  Divine parentage

ü  Power over Nations - (Resurrection)Following Christ in his Passion:

The Gospels clearly emphasize the rooting, in the psalms, of Christ's sufferings,

Ps 40 (41): "Blessed are those who think of the poor and the weak... »

Betrayal during his farewell meal.

Ps 41-42 (42-43): "Like a deer longing for living water... »

Prayer in the garden of olive trees.

Ps 109 (110): "The Lord’s revelation to my master: Sit on my right... »

                                   During the trial.

Ps 21 (22): "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

                                    Jesus would have said the whole psalm.

The Acts of the Apostles focus everything on the Resurrection that creates the Church:

Ps 15 (16): "Look after me, O God, I take shelter in you... »

Makes us hear the voice of the Risen One.

Ps 109 (110): Already mentioned Royal Psalm.

Ps 117 (118): "Alleluia! Praise Yahweh all peoples... »

The paschal message par excellence.

ü  Taken up by the crowd at the entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem, as anticipation of the Resurrection.

ü  Quoted by Jesus: The rejected stone....

ü  Sung with the Apostles at the Last Supper, Holy Thursday.

This Retreat, preached in a new way, for some, was accessible to all, thanks to its simple and personal presentation. Our thanks to, Father Sancey. May he be rewarded!

Sr Cecilia JOND, a retreatant and the Sisters of Thônes