Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy


Jesus Calls each one of us, come and see. ’’You did not choose me but I chose you.”

This saying of Jesus was fulfilled, as the Pre-Novices and Novices willingly came forward to begin their Novitiate, trusting in the Providence, our four Pre-Novices to Novitiate and our four first year novices to begin their second year.

                                                                         Anita, Donisia, Glory, Benita

On 14th June 2022, came the auspicious moment, the ceremony of Initiation of the Pre-novices to the Novitiate, commenced at 4.30pm in the Amani house, Novitiate Chapel, Chemba. Our Mission Leader Sr.Marietta, Sr,Sunita the Novice Mistress and Sr.Margrate Mary, the Pre-Novice mistress, Fr.V.Shirima,sj the retreat director of the Novices and the Sisters of Chemba community were present for this occasion.

The Initiation ceremony began with a prayer invoking the Triune God to bless our Formees especially as they have set their feet into the journey of Faith. As Novitiate is a time to grow in strong faith in God and to be convinced of His love. So that as they begin to assimilate all that they are going to learn to be a Sister of SSSA, they are to allow themselves to be led by the Holy Spirit to guide them and lead them to reach their goal.

Our Mission Leader Sr.Marietta handed the Pre Novices our Constitutions, Uniform, the chain with the Crucifix. After that our Mission Leader was invited to give a short message to our Novices.

The Pre-Novices were offered lighted candle by Sr.Sunita, as a sign of welcoming them to the Novitiate, after which they surrendered themselves to the Lord by placing their candles on the Altar, praying for the grace to be docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

All the sisters prayed for them and entrusted them to the care of St.Joseph our Holy Patron by singing a hymn to St.Joseph, All the Novices together sang the Magnificat. The prayer of Intercessions were prayed by novices. The entire Para-liturgical service evoked enthusiasm and joy.The gathering dispersed for tea break. After the solemn ceremony, the assembly gathered in the Novitiate dining room to greet the new novices.

Our heartfelt thanks to Our General Team especially to Sr.Breda, our Superior General for accepting our Pre-Novices, Donisia, Benita, Glory and Antia and the Novices Guandencia, Sylivia, Angela and Filomena to begin and continue their Formation. Kindly pray for their perseverance. Thank you.               Sr.Sunita

                                                             Gaudensia, Sylivia, Philomena, Angella