Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

“God wills it”
In the continued challenges of mission, we experience God’s loving care and protection. On the evening of the 26th September, we had a big fire accident in Dumila community. Due to a short circuit the meter melted, causing the electrical wires to burn and the electrical pole to catch fire. God inspired us to switch off the mains and, hearing the shouts of the village people, we all rushed form the building. The whole village, our hospital staff and friends came to support us. The Electricity department, police and the electrician were called. Though we had no electricity for three weeks we could experience the loving care and protection of God in the midst of the challenges. Praise be God.
Bloom where you are planted
St. Francis de Sales said “Bloom where you are planted.” Like the Israelites we journey to the promised land with the ups and downs of life with great hope and courage. Despite lack of personnel, sickness and the everyday struggles of our life in the mission, God lead us in His own way to the promised land. We have confidence that He has a plan for everything and it is the best for us now. We thank God for the vocations we get and go forward with great courage.
A gratitude of Joy

It was a great joy for us to welcome our Sr. Marietta to Ejinja community, Kenya, after 10 months of waiting for her to be able to visit. Due to Covid restrictions she was not able to visit our community earlier. It was a great joy for her to spent time with us in the community and take part in the Confirmation service of the Parish, and to enjoy the fruit of our mission. Sister arrived on 9th October and our parish, St. Paul’s, in the Diocese of Kakamega welcomed Rev. Bishop Joseph Obanyi Sagwe to animate the Confirmation service for 950 children held on the 10th. Previously, on 7th October, the feast of Holy Rosary, 590 children were Baptised, on the 8th 849 children received their Firts Holy Communion. We, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, are proud to belong to this Parish and share the mission of Christ by rendering our service to the people of the Parish. The hard work of the Sisters gave colour to the feast by means of the beautiful decorations prepared by them.
It was another day of joy and gratitude to God to participate in the ceremony of dividing the parish on 14th of November. Ejinja parish is very big with 50,000 families. There were 16 sub-stations under this Parish. It is difficult for the Priest to go to each sub-station and administer to the spiritual needs of the people. Some of these sub-stations were already made into a parish in 2016 and now 6 sub-stations are made into another parish. It was a real joy to join with the people to thank the Lord and at the same time to see the growth and experience the faith of the people, which encourages and strengthens our faith too. Many priests, sisters and lay people participated in this joyful event. At the end of the Mass a group of young boys and girls came forward to consecrate themselves to live as consecrated laity, to follow in the footsteps of Christ.
Sr. Mary Ratnam

“Where there is Joy there is God”. These words of Pope Francis rung in our ears as we took part in the celebration of the elevation of Chemba sub-station to a parish on the 19th November. When the mission in Chemba sub-station began the chapel was a small hall. Very few people participated in the Mass and other Sacraments. The presence of our Novices brought life to the people around and gave witness to their faith. Within five months of their presence in Chemba, we saw the growth of the Catholic community. Bishop Bernardin Francis Mfumbusa officially announced Chemba as a Parish. The priests of Kondoa diocese and the laity were present for the event. It was like a widow’s mite when every Parish contributed from their little to finish the work of the Church. We too contributed our “mite” and it was a real privilege to go from Dumila to render our service to make this day a memorable one. The newly built church was full and we felt that God has His own way of bringing people close to Him.
Sr. Josemine