Soeurs de Saint Joseph d'Annecy

Inauguration of St. Joseph’s Plant Nursery

August 16, 2021

Inspired by the Encyclical Letter (Laudato Si) of Pope Francis in caring for our common home, the staff and students of St. Joseph’s Community College ventured into a new project to generate income – St. Joseph’s Plant Nursery. It was inaugurated by Sr. Rose, the Provincial Superior on 16th August 2021. Sr. Francisca, the Assistant Provincial, the Sisters from Waltair community, the students from Community College and some of the staff from St. Joseph’s College for Women were present for the occasion.
The students planted around 850 ornamental plants and trees. They were displayed for sale and the income generated from it is to be used for the upkeep of St. Joseph’s Community College. It was also aimed at teaching the students marketing skills.