Soeurs de Saint Joseph d'Annecy

       It was a long awaited dream of every sister in the Visakhapatnam Province to have a well equipped hospital at Prathipadu. Yes! The dream has fulfilled on 25th September 2019, Wednesday. Since we have a Prayer Hall in the first floor of the hospital, we have decorated it with flowers and the altar was beautifully arranged. We started with the Eucharistic adoration and a meaningful prayer service conducted by the young sisters. The prayer began with a lighting of the lamp and at the end of the adoration our Parish Priest Fr. Chinnappa went with the Eucharistic Lord to bless the entire Hospital. We had the Holy Eucharist at 7.00am; a few parishioners and the boarding students were present.

       We had the privilege of having the entire Provincial team for the inauguration. At this juncture we missed a lot our dear Sr. Vianney who always encouraged us but we could experience her prayerful support which boosted us to do our best. We are grateful to Rev. Sr. Pauline the then Superior General who made expressed her desire to upgrade the Hospital and finally the vision became a reality.

       We also extend our sincere thanks to every sister of our Congregation who supported us with their prayers and valuable suggestions. We express our heartfelt thanks to our Engineer Mr. and Mrs. Ramakrishna and Mr. Rajesh the contractor and all the workers who shed their sweat to shape this Hospital. A few doctors: Dermatologist, Gynecologist, and Pediatrician had visited the hospital on that day and they have promised to support us by their services. The registration fee and consultation fee was free on the first day and we had 17 patients that day. We distributed snacks to the patients and all those who visited the hospital that day. We served Lunch for those who were invited. The day went on well with the grace of God and concluded it with our evening prayers “Deo Gratias”.

     We are grateful to God Almighty for His guidance and the blessings. Our heartfelt thanks to Misean Cara, for their generous contribution towards the building of St. Joseph’s General Hospital, Prathipadu. The Hospital foundation was laid on 11th February 2017 and the structure of the Hospital was completed on time but the interior works got delayed. Still we need to equip the hospital with scanning machine, Lab equipments, X-Ray machine etc.

We have appointed a consultant, Dr. Palla Jaya Prasad, who is specialized in Dermatology. Dr. N.S.N Raju who takes care of the Palliative care centre at Vizag (St. Joseph’s Hospice) with his team agreed to come to Prathipadu to extend his service. Dr. Rajani Kanth and Dr. Jyothirmai the D.G.O also are willing to come to perform surgeries. There are also a few other Doctors who are ready to collaborate with us. Trusting in the Providence of God and His mercy we hope that we could provide better service to the people of this area, especially to the surrounding villages. We do our best to fulfill our founder’s wish,’ Reach out to the poor and the most neglected.’ We continue to avail our service to the children at Alambana Children’s Home (Orphans). Once again we express our sincere thanks to everyone who have involved in putting up this Hospital.