Soeurs de Saint Joseph d'Annecy



During the pastoral year, we conducted a Communication Conference in the diocese of Annecy. Our approach is resolutely in line with the call to become missionary disciples in our parishes, families and communities and in the perspective of a synodal church. The proclamation of the Gospel is communication, and it is the work of all the faithful of Christ.
The heart of communication is the encounter with the other, and therefore a departure from self.
Technology can facilitate the relationship, but it can never replace it: "We are not for connection, but for encounter", says Pope Francis.
We would like to share some points that help us to become instruments of good communication wherever we are and whatever we do.
How can we develop a culture of encounter (communication) in our communities? In our missions?
• We need to be willing to listen and learn from each other, as communication is dialogue.
• Knowing how to give the other a chance to express his or her point of view, as the other is unique and different from me.
• The communicator is first and foremost someone who listens and who is concerned with making connections and building bridges.
• Cultivate benevolence in order to welcome, to listen, to understand, to value and to respect the word of the other.
• The missionary dimension of communication requires us to look inward, then to look outside ourselves. I communicate what I experience within myself.
• Create a synergy that gives impetus and dynamism. Cultivate constructive conversations among us.
• Good communication builds community and fraternal life, a community of missionary disciples.
Set a watchful eye on my lips, Lord, watch over the threshold of my mouth Ps:141, 3.
Sisters Anne Chantal and Tessy