Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

“Our dear Congregation in which each member according to her declared intention, should have the fullness of the Holy Spirit in her heart,  professesto be a Congregation of the most pure and perfect love.”

  Fr Medaille:  Letter on “The little Design”



Sisters of Waltair Community
Waltair church
EGC at Araku
Mother house comty with Indian sisters
JPIC Meeting/Annecy2017
Blessing of Dare salaam house
llantarnam abbey sisters
Diamond Jubilee in Waltair,2015
Finance Committee meeting2017/Annecy
Daresalaam house
Jubilee in Annecy
Leaders as Leaven
Leaders as Leaven India
General Chapter2019
Final Profession2017,Bhub


 “Through our union with God, and with humility and charity, we try to realise Fr Medaille’s desire that (we) should become the means of bringing about the two-fold union of all people among themselves and with God.”

Constitutions #4