Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy


Every year, as spring approaches, we have the joy of preparing ourselves to celebrate our Patron Saint, Saint Joseph.
Sister Breda's circular for the recollection in preparation for the feast was greatly appreciated and helpful. We are grateful to her for that.
This year again, the happy thought of the Delegation meeting at Le Grand-Chêne in Vieugy (Home for the Aged) gladdened the hearts of the sisters. Mr. Ridel, the new Manager of the Home took the initiative to ask Sr. Marie Louise to send out an invitation to the Sisters. We celebrated Mass at 10.00a.m, during which we renewed our vows.
It was in an atmosphere of joy and recollection that Sr. Breda and her Council, the Sisters of the Delegation, friends of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the residents of the Home, some members of the staff, and some parishioners from the neighbourhood, etc... gathered together in the chapel. Father Joseph Scaria, MSFS, celebrated the Eucharist. He spoke of the "visible joy” that was on all the faces. It was the feast of the Sisters, and the feast of everybody. The homily was particularly eloquent and delighted all the participants. « If St Joseph did not say anything which is reported in the Gospels, he nevertheless fulfilled the role entrusted to him by God. We know that he knew how to listen and to accept totally God's plan for him, for Mary, and for Jesus, the Son of God. As a humble servant, he surrendered his own plan to give full space to God's plan, in complete trust in God. St Joseph is the just man: he is holy and adjusted to the Will of God over him ».
After reciting the Creed and the intercessory prayers, we renewed our vows. Sister Marie Louise introduced this solemn moment with a beautiful explanation of the meaning of religious vows. Then we sang: "To love is to give everything, and to give oneself...".
It is important, here, to stress the quality of the liturgy, and the beautiful singing, animated so well by one of the Sisters of the Delegation, which enabled us to share in meditative and joyful prayer.
We were united with all our sisters of the Congregation, especially at the moment of the renewal of our vows.
After the mass, we were warmly welcomed by the Manager of the Home, then by the President of the Board of Directors of the Home, Mr Sourioux. Then came the convivial aperitif and the meal.

Sister Breda then addressed everyone conveying her wishes in a very warm message, full of gratitude to all those who are working in the Home ; a message full of affection for all the sisters, and for everyone.

Following the speeches and during the meal there were many lively, friendly, and informative conversation among the assembled gathering. The delicious festive meal was prepared, and served, by the staff of the Home.
Finally, as at the wedding at Cana, there was no shortage of wine, and, as well as the wine to drink, there was “the good wine” of warm and friendly reunions among the guests who had gathered following the beautiful liturgy in the chapel.
We would also like to thank everyone, including our own Sisters, who committed themselves to making this day such an enjoyable one!

To celebrate Saint Joseph at Le Grand-Chêne (Vieugy) is a happy occasion to meet with our older sisters, to celebrate 'together', to pray 'together'. They had "welcomed" us and we had "received their fraternal hospitality", which indeed was a wonderful moment with them.
A participant