Sisters of Saint Joseph of Annecy

                                                         COVID - 19     2020 – 2021

In my wildest dreams I could never have imagined how a Virus of this nature could have affected the whole world in such a way as to almost bring it to a standstill. It certainly brought Nations/ Continents together and highlighted my awareness of how close we really are as sisters and brothers. Hence, the importance of Loving and caring for one another.

Questions I have often asked myself over these months, and continue to ask, are:- What is God saying to me, to us, to the whole world at this challenging time ? Where is God in all this apparent turmoil? How do I respond to Him?

The months of Lockdown have been a Blessing in so many ways. They have given me:-

  • TIME to reflect on the realization that LIFE is a GIFT/ a TREASURE not to be taken for granted, but, to be Lovingly cared for, respected and lived.
  • TIME for Prayer, Reflection, Reading etc.
  • TIME together has given me a deeper appreciation of sisters in my community, and the Value of Being and Working Together as ONE. Not taking anyone or anything for granted.
  • A TIME to get my Priorities right, pondering on the things that really matter. To appreciate the gift   of Living each   day, Focussing on NOW, since it is the only Time that I have.
  • Faith and Trust to believe in the Power of Letting God be in control --- because HE IS there in the midst of everything.
  • TIME to appreciate the Gift of Nature simply by taking Time to LISTEN to the Bird Song, the Ripple of the flowing Stream in our garden, Watching The Squirrels at play, Touching and Smelling the beautiful flowers etc. And generally, enjoying the gifts of Nature.
  • During these months of Lockdown it has   been highlighted for me the importance of keeping in Touch each week, with the elderly, those living alone, the sick in the Parish, through Phone calls, E-Mails, Texts ----- and never to underestimate the Value of these contacts..
  • Perhaps one of the special Blessings during Lockdown was, to be able to share in the Celebration of Mass each day through the Live Stream.   Thanks to Modern Technology. After Mass each morning we had the privilege of coming together in our Chapel to receive Holy Communion and spend quiet time in Prayer.
  • The Pandemic has opened my eyes more to recognise and appreciate the wonderful dedicated service of our Doctors, Nurses, Carers, Social Workers etc. As they selflessly reached out to all who needed them, ----- so often in difficult circumstances, and risking their lives to save others.
  • Perhaps one of the Fears that I had during these months was, the Fear of the unknown. ----   when, if Ever, is this Virus going to end ? How will it affect people and Life in general ?   Life would never be the same again, so. Be ready to move into the New Way.
  • Whilst the Virus will be with us for a long time yet, our New Normal is gradually unfolding.   My Desire is, to be Totally OPEN and   RESPONSIVE to the New Way of Being True to my Calling as a Sister of St. Joseph of Annecy, and to Strive to be faithful to   OUR VISION   “ To Live and Work together to create a world where LOVE IS Paramount”.

                     Sister Brigid Cantwell